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I'm new to this scary hybrid world.

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Hi! I just bought my very first Honda, my very first brand new car, and my very first Hybrid. My previous primary vehicle was a Jeep Wrangler with no extras except audio so this is a huge learning curve for me.

If anyone can help me figure out how to maximize my fuel economy to get closer to the 47 mpg that Honda sells, I would be most appreciative. I do realize that going from a V8 4 wheel drive 15 MPG Jeep, that I shouldn't complain too much about my 30 mpg that my accord gets but I'm a little on the "let's see what this thing can do" side. So any advise on that helps a ton.

Also, If anyone can tell me any reason why my ACC with low speed follow would turn itself off while following someone in traffic....in the middle of a stop, it disengaged.....I could certainly use the advise. My jeep didn't even have cruise control so this is an entirely different animal. I've asked the dealership where I purchased it and I'm getting mixed information. Sales people are never going to admit that your brand new honda may have an issue, so I thought I'd bring it here and see what you actual Honda owners think.

My car is the 2019, Accord Hybrid Touring trim if that helps.
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I have soured a little bit on my 2.0T and have been toying with trading it in for a Hybrid. After reading this thread, I am now re-evaluating the Tesla Model 3 : Tesla vs Accord
He ignores cost of the time you sit at a supercharger on a road trip waiting for your car to charge.
He ignores the cost of having an electrician put a 220v line into your garage.
He ignores that Tesla might go out of business and Honda won't.
He ignores the horrible build quality and fit and finish of a Tesla S, nevermind a 3.

I wouldn't take a Tesla for free over my HAH.
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