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Infotainment Screen Blank

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I know this has been discussed in the past with 2018 models but I was wondering if people are still having issues with their 2019 Display (8") infotainment screens going blank? Everything work like phone calls, radio etc. Just the screen is blank. It comes back for a short period of time than goes away again. Only 2K on the car so far.
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When you say "screen blank" are you speaking of it "rebooting"? If so as you stated that has been discussed previously on this forum. I would think until such time as they change the infotainment model (IE: probably on the next generation Accord) those that are experiencing this issue (until a fix/update is done) will still have them.

If you haven't already you may want to check/update audio system following the attached instructions...


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Thanks. I just figured out why it was acting up. Under the settings I disabled the Developer Options. I thought I turned the section on when I was trying to install APKs a month or so ago.
Turns out it has to be on otherwise the “Stay Awake” option for the screen gets deactivated. So after 30seconds or so the screen turn off. But it does not come back on as easily as I am used to our phone. So, I tied the issue to many posts of blank screens and panicked. I am just an average idiot user :)
Thanks again
(y) Glad you figured it out and hopefully will end the issue(s) you were experiencing.
May or may not be related, but soon after I added the Developer Options to the Settings, this started happening.
Since the issue has appeared after this change have you tried changing it back to confirm it's causing it... also if this change wasn't for a specific reason/problem why not return it? If you haven't already you may want to check to see if your infotainment system has the most current software... this may or may not be an issue but doesn't hurt to confirm you have the latest version.
From what Ive read, need to do a Reset? And that says any personal data will be lost, as the system is being returned to the original Factory Settings. Thats ok to do? Sounds like the only thing I will have to do over, is sync up my phone?
There may be other settings needing to be reset also... IE: any places saved in GPS (home/other saved locations), Radio/XM preset channels, stereo settings (Bass/Treble/Fade/etc.), and there may be others. With all that said I've done factory reset several times and it doesn't hurt anything just have to reset things to your preference(s).
Will I have to re-sync my phone for bluetooth , apps etc?
Yes you will if I remember correctly... it's been awhile since I did it.
what is happening where you have had to reset several times
The one I can remember was dealing with - Navigation Screen Blank - Map Data Loading Message.
How do I do the phone thing again, to sync up to the car?
The dealer did for me, as i was finishing up the sale
I don't remember step by step how it's done as it's been years since I did mine... however that information is in your owner's guide/manual.
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