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Inspection of ~ Wheel Wells

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First Off there are Lots of Likes , but I Must Report Inspection Findings .
Under the Liners - It looks like Honda and Honda Designers are doing Their Job , but Union Workers in USA - either need Better Training
Or They are Being Pushed to Hard . I Found Spot Weld Flash ( Which is Normally Not Excessive ) anything over 1 or 2 in 100 Inches Welds needs to be Looked At .
Description : Spot Welding Flash Very Thin - very Jagged and Holds lots of - Poorest Metals do to Poor Burn ..or Melt . These Jagged , Thin, Poor Portions of Materials ( RUST FAST )

Important to Clean Any Off & Treat Area & Prime - Quickly , so When I find ( Spot Welding Flash )
1. That has Not been Broken Off ~ Cleaned Off ~ Not Properly Primed and to Top It Off ! it's Located 3/16's from a Body Seam Caulk ( which Runs 3/4" Wide )
It could have been Easily Sealed Over and Never an Issue .

2. I Also Noted 3 Area's on Two Fender Well Lips where Special Body Caulk Used to Protect and Fill the Fender Lips with a Radius , so Salt Water & Sand - doesn't Grind or Sand Off ~ Paint Coatings on Thin Fender LIP Honda has Spec's this to Protect the Area's . . It was Lapse or Missed the Fender Lip All Together ! ( Can't Do It's Designed Job like That Honda )

I cleaned & Sealed Up these Area's to Further Protect as Honda - Had Intended Pic's 1 Coat - Ended Up Apply Two Coats !
( I Like to Know Why Trained Honda Union Employee's ) Can't Seem to do What $11.00 Dollar an Hr. Rust Proof-er Do ?~?
Rating on this is Piss Poor !

You'll see Pic of Body Sound Stiffer & Sound Control - Which More of this should be used . .
You'll see Pic of Inner Fender Lip - the - Small White Area is one of the Missed Spots on Metal Fender Lip . .
You'll see Pic of some Prep & First Test Coats of Hard Wax ( Black ) - Top of that Pic Your able to Std White Body Putty
You'll see Pic of Small Over Flow Fuel Line - which Drips on the Inner Fender Back Side - There is Pad on Back Side @ Point I had Not Tested that ..


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Pop the Plastic Bitches - Body Rivets 10 Min.

Small Plastic Body Rivets aren't to Bad to do , Medium Flat screw Driver . .
Tools do make it Easier . . so Once You know where all the Inner Splash Shield _ Hold Downs are .. Your all set up ( Car in Air ) Easier , Lift would be even better ..
Inner Shield Remove 10 Min. or Less . .

Entire Job ..Jack Stands Placement : 35 Min.
Proper Protection in Place 15 Min.
Spray and Checking : 40 Min.
Dry Time 2 Hours in Heated Garage or Shop . ( Able to Place Back _ Semi Dry ) Thou .
Clean Up and Place everything Back 50 Min. for all 4 Corners .
2-3 Hours for Average Guy ..

Sorry to Say , but Auto Manufactures have all gotten together , Basically 5 yrs. Life Span on Auto's , When in Fact We should be Headed the Other Way !
They went Down this Road in the Name of Getting Oil Burners & Populating Vehicles Off the Road ! ( THAT TIME HAS PAST )
The Planet will No Longer Sustain : Huge Piles of Waste - Which is More then Obvious - What Industry is Doing !
Thousands of New Vehicles "Don't get Moved"
Out of the Way ..from Big Flooding Storms ! ( Texas , NC , Virginia , SC , Florida ) :surprise:

Auto Industry needs to Go Back to 12 Yr. Life Cycle Design & Now !


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Aero _ Package is Nice , but throws stuff all over the Car .. so some Additional No See Me - Protection is Needed ..

Protection is seen in First 2 Pic's but Not in the Third - only 7ft away Other is Higher R installed in Garage . .


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Dude, ive seen your posts all over and I have yet to read a single sentence that you have typed that makes sense. I am not saying you dont have good information but its not very well put into words.
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Dude, I've seen your posts all over and I have yet to read a single sentence that you have typed that makes sense. I am not saying you don't have good information but it's not very well put into words.
I have the same problem and thought it was just me.:crying:
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Technical Writing in Info Intense - Down Load - ( Caution You may have to read it Twice )

Union AUTOMOTIVE - Worker in USA - SUCK !

I Guess that's the Type of Information Your Use to Reading , Haaa LOL !

Their So Busted !

Really - Thou - I believe Many have seen the - Fender Lip - Protection they use to sell to Protect Inner Fender Lips from being all
Chewed away from Sand Paper Action from - Road Debris .

Sand , Salt , Gravel , Crap , Cow Poop , Animal Guts , Bones the Constant Barrage of being Blasted from this during 75% of the Driving We all do ..
Every Curve & Corner You take etc.

OK Volvo and some other Land Rover , BMW - use to Yrs ago would make Fender Liner that Actually had a Tight Small ~ U ~ shape that Fit right over the Fender Lip .
Protecting the Inside Fender Lip & Inner Edge where all the Paint & Protection would be Eaten Off in 60K up North & 120K down south with Vehicles that were Properly Dripped . .

Now-a-days : many aren't Dipping or doing 7 step Process - or - Dropped the Under Coating . .

A Way to Add some Protection is to Use Body Putty Applied in the Correct Area's , such as Inner Fender Area !
OK It does No Dan Good what so Ever If it's all Placed in the Wrong Area ! ( Auto Workers Know This ) or the Unions are Pressuring them to make what We call in the Industry - Poor Quality - Workmanship ..
Honda - has the Correct Idea in Protecting the Fender Lips - with some Basic Inner - High Radius - Putty Placed at the Inner Fender Fold to Radius Out all the way to the Inner Edge ..

Assembly Workers aren't doing it Correctly - Poor Leader ship in Quality Assurance , Poor Knowledge Base , Very Poor Communication in Meetings . .
Seems like Way to many Steps Checking - Yet - It's Not Being Caught - So I Write Again - SOOOO- BUSTED !
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