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Installed 25mm BORA wheel adapters.

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Thinking alittle outside the Honda box I went with BORA wheel adapters for their reliability and credibility with large trucks, suv’s and Jeep’s. I chose 1” adapters for 2003-2008 Honda Pilot. It has the same bolt pattern, hub size and lug thread except lugs are 1 1/2” long compared to stock 1”. Due to the longer stud I also needed to get all new lug nuts. I chose McGard M12x1.5x 1.5”

For some reason, I don’t know if all 10th Gen accords are the same or because my car is 2021 Touring the front studs were 1 1/16” long causing interference with the wheel. The rear studs were 15/16” which was perfect for the 1” adapter. I shaved about 1/8” off each front stud before installing the adapters.


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Love it! Installed mine as well and love the fitment! Dropped mine on Eibach Sportlines.

You shouldn't have to worry about installing longer studs if you use the 25mm spacers. I didn't.
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