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Hey all,
I had a need for a couple of switches that would not be obvious but still easily reachable when driving. This is what I came up with so far.
I decided to use this part because I had already damaged it's finish with a lubricant spray and it would need to be painted or replaced anyway. I did paint it with a couple of cans I had lying around. A black texture spray and a little bit of gloss black on top. I only painted the outer edge. Nothing painted inside the pocket at all.

The switches are wired from the negative pin of the cigarette lighter outlet with an eyelet through the existing screw. I used the negative side for safety. If there ever was a chafed wire making contact with the body with these switches, whatever they control would just work as if the switch was on. :smile: No smoke, fire, running for my life, etc.

These are decent DPST switches that handle 3A at 120VAC on each pole. Overkill, but the size was right and they have a positive switch feel to them. Note that the extra red and black wires were already on there and I left them neatly tucked under should I ever want to do some indicator lights of the switches or something like that. I actually soldered 18 guage wire to the other pole of the switches.

Sorry for the lint in the pictures, I hadn't cleaned with the detailer's spray yet. :wink:

More switches to be installed soon. ::smile:


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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