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Interior dome lights

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So I took my car to the dealer for the bcm software update recall today and nothing seemed out of the ordinary when I left (day time) fast forward to now (night time)... I took the car out to go get something to eat and when I got home and turned off the car I noticed that the domes lights did not come on as they would before and I opened my door still nothing i pushed the lights to see if they work and they do but they don’t come on when I unlock the car, open the door or shut off the car. I checked the settings and nothing was changed from what I had it to, Anybody else have this issue after the update on the recall or know what the problem could be?
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Looked under the dash for the fuse box and felt that there was a fuse that was loose, everything is working in order.
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Always nice when it's an easy fix... glad you got it figured out.
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