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Issues With Ventilated Seat Fan Not Working?

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Anyone experience the ventilated fan in front seat not working. Turned the drivers seat on yesterday due to such a warm day, and the fan in the seat back not working. I purchased the car last June and have use them many times without problems. Curious if anyone has experienced this, and what might be the answer for the dealer to fix? I'm not seeing anyway for them to get to the seat back to even reach the fan. Thanks
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I was going to say that maybe the fans are thermostatically controlled, I.e., the outside ambient temperature must be above a certain degree. But, since you said the bottom seat fan blows and it was a warm day, then I guess that's not the issue.

EDIT: I just checked my seats, and both upper and lower ventilating fans are blowing. The outside temperature is 31°.
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