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I spent quite a bit of time setting up the custom settings in my Accord (much more time than necessary, but then what else is going on these days?). Even so, it took me a while to realize that each of the two key fobs supplied with my 2020 Accord can remember only seat positions, and not much else. I am referring to the idea of "key fob profiles" that is available on other vehicles such as BMW (How to Use BMW Personal Profiles for the Perfect Driving Position Every Time).

For example I prefer using the 24 hour system for time, but my wife prefers the 12 hour system. There does not seem to be a way to set this data to match our key fobs. Just wondering if there is any way around this that allows settings other than just the seat positions to be stored for each driver.

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Not that I'm aware of... matter of fact... if you set/use the autolock feature it only works for the fob it was set up with. As for how/what you set as primary features that can't be assigned to a fob my only suggestion is... "Happy Wife... Happy Life". 馃榿

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Edited 28 Mar 2021

Since posting the original message in this thread, I have been experimenting with selected custom settings for each key fob. As noted in other posts here, it is possible to customize certain vehicle settings for each key fob in some cases, but not in all cases. I have been able to set the below settings separately for each key fob. I did not try all the settings, but instead looked only at those settings that were important to me and my wife: safety and convenience.

Instrument Panel Configuration (config 1, 2, 3)
Door Unlock Mode (driver only or all)
Smart Entry Beep (on or off)
Headlight ON OFF Timer (0 and 15 seconds)
Interior Lights Dimming Timer (15 and 30 seconds)
Key and Remote Unlock Mode (driver only or all)
Auto Door Unlock (on or off)
Walk Away Auto Door Lock (on and off) (added 28 Mar 2021)

I suspect there are many other settings that can be set separately for each key fob, and I hope other readers will experiment with other combinations.
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