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Knock count over .90 (help)

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Apologies for the noob questions but I’ve been running Phearable Stage 3 for a while now on 93 octane always. Only real mods I have at the moment are the ktuner and an AEM CAI. Recently I’ve noticed as I do pulls the knock will be around .78 then shoot up to .85 then .90 next, the highest I’ve seen was over 1.05. This can’t be normal right? Am I doing something wrong possibly? Yes, I know I can add e85 but I live pretty far from the nearest location. Also the stage 3 email I got said to not use any octane boosters. Any other options?

thank you all for the help, I appreciate it
2021 Honda Accord 2.0T
Phearable Stage 3 Ktuner
AEM CAI for 2.0 Accord (21-845c)
Stock turbo
Stock exhaust
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It's important to monitor knock levels in your vehicle, as high levels of knock can potentially lead to engine damage. Knock levels are a measure of abnormal combustion in the engine. Higher knock levels indicate a greater likelihood of engine damage. Ideally, you want to keep knock levels as low as possible.
  1. Potential causes: There could be several reasons for increased knock levels. Here are a few possibilities to consider:
    • Fuel quality: Ensure you are using high-quality 93 octane fuel from a reputable gas station. Poor-quality fuel can increase the chances of knocking.
    • Tuning: Verify that your ktuner is properly calibrated and that the Stage 3 tune is appropriate for your specific modifications.
    • Ignition timing: Knock can occur if the ignition timing is too advanced. It's possible that the tune you're using needs adjustment to optimize ignition timing for your setup.
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