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I’m sure it’s been asked a million times, I have a 2019 sport 2.0, running ktuner v2, phearable stage 3 93oct with an AEM short ram intake, my KR recently started shooting up when pressing on the throttle, it seems to be more prominent 3-6th gear, and only occurs once I get over about 2.5 PSI, I hit about 6.5 KR at one point but let off because I didn’t want to damage the engine. It seems knock count dropped a lot, my knock control pretty much always stays at 0.49 and went to maybe 0.63 on really hard pulls and was never an issue, I haven’t heard any concerning noises coming from the engine, other than the change in numbers everything seems normal, if not better, are these numbers an issue? My KR has pretty much never been over 0.0 until this morning, it immediately shoots back down to 0 after letting off the gas
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