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Just saw that Ktuner released Advanced VSA Control today. This will eliminate the one tire fire you get on launches and shifts! download the new update and eliminate your wheel spin to get all that power to the ground. Copied from the owner of Ktuners post and quoted

"Hello Accord X Enthusiasts! 2.0T owners tired of the "One Tire Fire"?... we were too. We've kept it quiet, but we picked up an Accord 2.0T 6MT some time ago for development work. The community has given us great support and we want to give support back to you all!

Available in today's KTuner update is Advanced VSA Control for both MT and AT 2.0T Accords. This will make its way to the 1.5T as well once we gather feedback!
We've had this option in development for some time and it's a great tie in to the factory VSA system. Maintaining some level of throttle intervention, we have built on the ECU's control of ignition during loss of traction. Simply enable the Advanced VSA feature in Quick Enables and then select your level of balance between ignition and throttle for the Advanced VSA Control Strategy under Quick Adjustments.

Also, per several requests we've added VTEC control of not only wide open throttle, but also under cruising conditions.

We are very excited to see this in your hands and hear your feedback!"
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