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KTuner Setup
The tablet is Amazon Fire 7 $50
The mount was $11 for 2
link: Amazon.com: 2 Pack Car Cell Phone Air Vent Mount with Magnetic Grip- for iPhone, Samsung and Other Smartphones - 360 Degree Swivel, Quick Release Holder


Got the Ktuner installed it in my car recently haven't flashed it yet just playing around with the software and tuner view for now. Im also just trying to see what the parameters are for the car stock. I have been looking at Knock control, V(BAT), ECT, Boost,IAT,AFR. The stock numbers only mod I have in K&N drop in Knock control stayed around 0.49-0.52 on premium gas but on regular it went up to 0.7-0.8 but when my tank was low it almost went up to 1.0 idk if this normal. Stock boost max was 16.7, AFR was higher on regular than premium, ECT is around 175-182 F. Any other important parameters I might need to look at. Prolly be flashing the car sometime this week.
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