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Ktuner Base tune Vs Custom

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Any of you guys that have a custom tune with Ktuner, what kinds of K. COUNTS do record under heavy acceleration? I was on the Ktuner forums and KTuner says the K. COUNTS are irrelevant, Incase I'm getting a extremely high number. ( I get around 5 to 15 if I'm in sport, with heavy acceration. And it seems to happen only when the engine is up shifting)

My K.con usually stays at .49 - .52 and the K. Count sits around 0 to 2 when I drive normal. It Goes up to .58 -.62 under aggressive driving.

Will a custom tune improve the K. Count?

I plan on getting a custom tune but I'm waiting on a down pipe first.
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You mean experience with your sprint booster hahahah? So your car seems to defy the laws of physics. Interesting.
Your confusing less knock with higher quality and the two are not mutually exclusive. Btw my hobby is racing and tuning German cars for almost two decades so. Boomer means experience which you are obviously lacking. Maybe you should be paying more attention you will learn something.

Edit: Just fyi your so intent on getting the fastest you should be especially interested in what im saying in this thread and asking me questions about w/m systems not trying to act like a big shot. But meh what do I know only installed and tuned for a couple days 5-6 systems so.
I appreciate your expertise. I did some research on the water/meth kits. I think I'm going to look into getting one. Mostly for the cleaning properties. Any performance is a bonus.
What would you rate the difficulty level on installing one if these WM systems yourself. I'm not a expert on cars, I can do basic things like change my brakes. Spark plugs, and radiator.
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