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KTuner Plus Phearable Stage 3.

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I recently bought a used Accord Sport 2.0T. Totally love it! I'm an old guy (71) but still an adrenalin junkey! I am going to buy a KTuner 2.0 with Phearable stage 3 tune. What will this do to ECO and SPORT toggles? Also, does anyone know what is the max factory boost level? Thank you! This is one of the best forums I've found!
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Shrivel just a FYI. If you are running stage 3 you have to have advanced VSA turned totally off to get full boost and response. Here is a video but stage 3 you cant run any VSA if you want the full boost of the tune...

I have a quick question for you guys. Did you load the tune as it was sent to you or did you make any changes in the quick enables or quick adjustments. And could you tell me what the default settings were set at for "Turbo response" Throttle sensitivity" "Boost target ramp" and did they early spool on or off? Thank you.....
I just ordered this tune soon to try it out. Hondafan777 where are you running your quick adjustment for "Turbo response" and "Boost target ramp rate" I am running them now at improved 2 on my stage 2. I do know with the stage 3 if VSA is not set to factory you will be down on boost with it. I will also turn early spool off.
So I got the tune and I am about to flash in the morning. I see default the throttle response is set to MAX. But the throttle padding is set to soft. Which is 2 more than standard. Did you you change throttle padding any or run it default. And why do you think they made it softer like. For manual cars? Thanks.
So I have been running the tune for about 3 days. It is better in just about everything. Turbo responds fast gets on boost fast and just pulls. I ended up with early spool off and advanced VSA off. They are now sending with the file with a warning not to run advanced VSA at all. I ended up setting throttle response to stock and im playing with throttle padding to see if it has an affect on the automatic cars. I flashed it with standard throttle padding felt great. I just flashed it with Medium padding and I think it softened up the throttle response some. Im going to try soft as well. I wish I knew if throttle padding has an affect on automatic transmission car. But that is getting to personal feel of the throttle. The tune is great. It pulls a lot better even while cruising around. Stage 2 sometimes in the upper gears around 40 to 45 mph would drop off in speed if I held a steady pedal and I would have to feed more throttle. And on the highway it holds a steady speed a lot better. Definitely worth it.
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