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Ktuner stage 2 eleveted kcon numbers and can hear pinging at times.

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I have a stock 19 2.0t accord with 55k. I just replaced my spark plugs. And flashed stage 2.1 (eco mode stage 1 and regular and sport is stage 2). I'm in cali and can only get 91 octane. I'm getting pinging on wot before car shifts. On the first test drive noticed kcon numbers at .75 while driving normal and when driving hard it goes up to .90.
Before the flash I was getting a few wot pings but not very noticeable. Now with tune. It noticeable with both stage 1 and 2. I added 1 gallon of e85 and the rest 91. Now when I drive normal kcon hovers .49 to .59. When I drive it harder it goes up to .72 and seems to ping less too.

Anybody else running stage 2 with 91 octane getting pinging and elevated kcon numbers? Sould I continue to add 1 gallon of e85 or flash it to stage 1? I'm saving up to get prl e85 kit and update fuel line so I can start running e85 and 91 mix.

Is anybody running phearable stage 4 with e85 kit and 91 here?
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