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Any of You tried to Mix in some Ethanol ?
Mix Link : http://www.georgebelton.com/E85Calculator.php
seeing that Video where Accord Owners allowed someone to take His Ride and throw a Blend into it from some Un_Known Gas station ?
Fuel Stations around the Country If available in certain states E85 is Not even Mixed the Same and also will Vary from 90% down to 51% _ Unless there is a Certified Label
On Pump . State of Michigan is Rolling out E20 . . has been doping Test for some Time . . ( I Thought Our Honda's were Only E15 Ready ) ?

Anyhow , so Adding the E85 Sesnor Kit for E85 Tunes , anyone Know how Good those are ?

I'm Confused on this Knock Reading :
I see Knock Senor readings mentioned .57 or .38 is this 57% or 38% Chance of Having a Knock Or Your Motor is Current Experiencing Knock with
Only .57 of 1% Pre_Ignition vs 100% Pre_Ignition 1 Time out of 100 Revolutions or Evey Revolution the Engine is seeing .57 Knock ???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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