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Hey all, new forum member here. Bought a 2018 Sport 2.0T with 6 spd about 6 weeks ago. I've taken it on a few road trips and have put about 3,200 miles on it so far.

Last week, I picked up a V2 Ktuner u it from a local dealer and did the initial set up and configuration this week. Here are my observations:

1. Good local dealer - very knowledgeable and was very easy to work with.

2. KTuner tech support was very helpful. Only two issues I had was the tuner was shipped with the wrong USB cable - I had one in my cell phone graveyard bin so not a big deal. Second issue is the V2 unit needs a lot of USB voltage to work. I have a new Lenovo laptop and it didnt push enough power to configure the V2 handheld unit. To get it programmed, I had to take the tuner to the car and use the OBD power to power it, and bring the laptop to program it. You need internet access to do the work so I had to have the car in the garage to get wifi. I thought the set up work was cumbersome compared to the SCT I use on my 2014 Mustang GT...which was all configured and ready to go for my car out of the box

3. Read the KTuner docs and watch the video before you start - very helpful info and well organized.

4. The V2 unit is pretty nice. I love having multiple slots to put in multiple tunes.

5. I decided to start with Stage 1 dual tune, which keeps the normal boost level with econ button pressed, and when you turn that off, you get the Stage 1 tune. I did the upload in my driveway and it took about 10 min to wipe the old tune and push the new one. When loading the new tune, every dash and warning light will go off, which is freaky, but once I cycled power after the tune was loaded, and started it, all was fine.

6. Stage 1 is awesome. I put 150 miles on the car yesterday, after I loaded the tune. I found zero drivability issues. You would think Honda did the tune. Drivability is perfect with no downside effects. On the power front, I really feel the difference as the tach passes 3000 RPM. Yesterday was sunny and in the 50s...great HP air for turbo cars. It can barely hold traction in 2nd gear. The thing I like the best so far is 6th gear highway cruising. It pulls sooooo much harder in 6th. No need to downshift and pulls really well from 65 to 90+ MPH. I will try and get some timed rolling acceleration runs to see if I can showcase the difference.

7. I put Stage 2 dual tune in the second slot on the tuner but haven't tried it yet. 60s and sunny tomorrow, so I will give it a try and report back.

8. I have been running 93 octane fuel since i bought it and all the tunes need it.

Summary - if you want a tuner, i highly recommend the V2 from KTuner.

-- Mike
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