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KTuner V2 Questions

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I have a couple questions about using a KTuner V2 that I haven't quite been able to find answers to before I purchase one for my 2.0T, over a KTuner V1.2. I'm hoping those who have already used one can clarify things for me.

First, I know that having the screen with the V2 means you can datalog and flash tunes without the need for a laptop, which is nice, but is it still possible to use a laptop when you want to? If so, how does that work, does the laptop connect through the screen like it's a middle man?

Second, I see a lot of sites selling KTuner V2s for the Civic Si, Type R, etc., but not always the Accord. Are all V2s the same out of the box, with all of the software needed for every compatible car, or do I need to buy a V2 that is specific to an Accord to get the correct software and basemaps? I was figuring they're all the same, but then it seems weird that sellers are asking to specify the vehicle it's being used on.
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All ktuner for honda are compatible with any model: civic, accord, etc...
Great, that's what I figured but wanted to verify. I don't know why some retailers have multiple individual listings for the same product then. Thanks for the info!
They do that to attract to different consumers, and gain more ‘shelf space’
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