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Well it is a old cure for slow & steady loss of mileage.
It is caused by too rich of a fuel mixture at VERY LOW engine rpms almost constantly. It is made worse every time you restart a cooled down engine. Even in August with 73 F morning starts or afternoon 84F starts. My engine goes by water temperature. So it starts with a 1500 rpm cold idle with 80F air temperatures. Not good. It is probably causing some of the..........Making oil problem............. 1/2" above full dot on the dipstick. So I took the 25 mile I 80 road home. Started at 55 mph for 5 miles with the MPG gauge showing. As I gained 5 MPG I added 10 mph MPH. Kept the 75 until I exited I 80. Then held 60 MPH for the last 5 miles........................Final MPG was 43 . I now drive 1 day a week with engine in a lower gear to hold 3500 rpm. Each week the MPG has climbed.
Now at 52 MPG........ Or Honda has reprogramed the MPG gauge to read higher ? A Friday oil change should lower MPG with no gasoline mixed in the oil in the engine.
I can not believe Honda has a choke program in hot air temperatures. But hey the computer geeks may not be that great on programing. 35,000 miles in a 2018 1.5 turbo Accord........NO warning codes ever.
Old 1 eye strikes again. :)
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