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Lowering my 2019 2.0 Touring

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Looking to put lowering springs on my Touring and leaning toward the Eibach Pro series. Has anyone had success putting these on without the rear camber kit? TIA
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Hey Matt,

I installed the H&R OE springs on my car a few months ago, they have a similar drop to the Eibach Pro. The H&R OE were a 0.75 inch drop, the Eibach Pro are a 0.80 inch drop.
I bought a camber kit for the rear thinking I would need it, but ended up not needing it at all. I installed the springs and noticed how minimal of a drop it was, just enough to make it look and handle a bit better. I took it to my local tire shop for an alignment prior to installing the camber arms and it was within recommended settings by a comfortable amount. So the moral of the story: camber kit is not necessarily needed with how minimal of a drop the Eibach Pro's provide, rear camber is able to be brought within stock camber numbers with ease.

Hope this helps, take care brother!
Do you have any pictures ? and how are they after they settle in?
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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