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Magnaflow Exhaust

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I read the post discussing that this exhaust exists, but has anyone actually purchased it? All I've seen are people using the PRL downpipes, is this a better option?
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Missed the post about that exhaust... if anyone else did here's a link - Magnaflow Performance Exhaust PN 19393 (the link is to the exhaust for the 2.0T model). Wish they had a sound clip... Magnaflow is a well known brand will be interested when someone tries it out and can report back w/a sound clip.
Would Go for Dual Out _ Bola 1 Million Mile SS - Genrally they Drop the Mufflers in rear or just have Straight Past Troughs where the Rear Muffler were located ..
Probably Drop 25-30 lbs _ I Looked for Titanium Units - Nothing Happening Yet . . that would Drop 40 Lbs ..
I Looked at It No to Impressed - First Off 409 SS is Not all that Great - If It's Done with Super Clean Tooling - that has No Contamination , Plus
The system is Sent out for Electro Polishing - which is a Process that in the Industry of manufacturing is like Apply Butter to Toast .. ( BUTT )
Many Cheat and Don't do this any longer as Their All Greedy A. H. ( No One Cares about Workmanship any longer ) Oh , Ya and the Other Half is all New Generation's
Don't Even Know the Difference - so they get Screwed all the Time ..

Looks like all they did was open up Dia. some and Remove 1 Small Resonator . . No Real Pictures , No Real Video , No Sound Video ?_?

Next - They did have Instructions that had a few Pictures . .

I'd Write ask to Speak to the Designed of the Exhaust system , as them about Back Pressure Reduction , and yet Keeping Sound & Resonating to Min. ( Very Basic ?'s )
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Nice Effort by Magaflow - Guys - I'm just Picky about Quality on Items I'm spending $1000.00 Buck or more etc.

would like to see more Development work on the Mid Pipe for the Guys - that staying Stage1 or Eco-Tune - Boosted : I Mean I Measure the Stock Mid Pipe
Got 2.285 in 1 spot and 2.305 in another spot 2.312 in Yet another spot - which may get Larger Up near the Cat 2.4 Dia. Anyhow - would like to see that Factory Dough-Nut style
Sealing Gasket Retained If Possible & Dia. Up around 73 mm closer to the Cat . . 2.870 - 304SS as 3" OK If they would Neck it down running into Factory Mate Up 2.30 ( Like 2.5" Dia )
Just to Keep Max Speed of Hot Gases Flowing Fast - No Abrupt Steps . .

Motor Shaking back & Forth as You have seen on Dyno Runs is Why Leaning in the Factory Style Dough-Nut Sealing Points - just don't what to deal with Leaks & Burned Gaskets ..
Check out my post, magnaflow released a video and sound clip for their 2.5" catback exhaust a few days ago

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