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Major Heat - 94 Degrees Day , Butt

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Traffic & Hot Roads - Under Hood - Temps got Very Hot - I say so Dang Hot I couldn't Hang onto the Oil Drip Stick - Pull . "EWOsserrr" was that Hot .. so took a Pit Stop with Hood Up for 1/2 Hr. , while We all got Cold Drinks - Road Temp 126 Degrees , Heat coming Off all the Motors & Big Rig Trucks - Air Temp had to be 110 .. In Heavy Traffic on way back .. ( Storm was Approaching ) Air Temps Dropped to 82 Degrees & Traffic Thinned way out ,so the last 30 miles home only running 60 Mph , Turned Off the Air and slow drive 1/2 miles into the Garage . PARKED with Hood Up .. 40 Min. later the Turbo was still 167 Degrees .. so Earlier 85 miles back the Turbo had to be Cherry Hot ! ( Is there No Water Coolant - Temp Over Run on Shut Down ? ) As that was Easy Shut Down .. VW had one I could Actually hear it Run for like 20-30 sec. after Hot Shut Down !

Also _ Thinking - this - Engine Bay needs some Air Flow Tweaks - I'm IR Gun everything tomorrow .
Going to Tweak the Engine Bay Hood - Rubber Seal Gasket ( Thinking 14-18" right above the Intake )
Let Upper Heat Out - Especially Parked . . Seeing Exhaust is Sitting right under the Intake ..

I'm also Looking at the Under Tray for Hot Engine Bay - Exit Air Flow SIZE . . Sq. Inches .. ( Will be Dependent on Upper Tweak )
Sure Heat is OK for the Exhaust to Maintain , but at 45-75 Mph - the Heat Build Up Under the Hood
in the Mountains isn't helping .. anything ..

Pulling Oil Filter tomorrow ..
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Testing Being Done .. It's Cooler Now as it Rain Earlier so Dropped from 90 - 80 Degrees . . Test Being done on 10 Mile Drive only Stated with Cool Drive-train.

1. First Up - Air Intake Temps : Being Checked Note Pic's Reading on Calibrated Instrument . Two Readings 1. toward the Air Swing Down to Turbo , Other 4-5 Inches Towards
Right , some what Closer to Turbo . 137 Degrees , 141 Degrees ..

2. Second Up - Oil & Water Center of Turbo - Which Equals Bearing Center Section - Oil there usually flows in a Bearing Surrounding Effect - Floating Effect.
Water Flows Through the Mid Section - always has much Larger Presences Area then Oil - If Honda Designers Supplied to Much Oil - : Read :
( Larger Area ) it might move to Slow and therefore Burn & Blow Past Seals . . OK
Pic's I see are 50 Degrees Hotter then what - I have seen Before .. but Only there other Makes and Models - a Larger Sample should be Submitted .
Degrees 286.8 and 311.1 Degrees - I took 10 Readings - the - Readings Leaned Toward 287 Degrees More ..

Please Investigate Proper Oil Temps . . If You Take Note at My Direct Inquiry - You Will See the Engine Cover Off , The Hood Up , and
Rear Engine Bay - Seal Removed .
I have already Noted Hood Temps 85-90 Degree after short run Parked in 75 Degree Shade for 4-5 Min. / Seal Removal Area - Back of Hood
105 Degrees coming Off - Where there Wasn't !! : Read : Sitting Idling - ( NOT MOVING )


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While on the Topic of Engine Bay Heat and Heat Effecting other Parts of Intake system , Fuel Lines , Turbo Exit & Inter-cooler Entrance . .
I'll Try to bring You in from the Dark , and Into the Light the Light . .

Note the 3 Colors on Turbo Exit Pipe : Hey what do You Think those are - 3 Musketeers , Nope - 3 Inspections - Nope - all in same place and same Area ? Just Happen to be on Turbo ?

Now that this has been brought to light , what say thee ?

Heat Sensitive Paint - I'll bet some Money on It !
I didn't get a Letter saying Honda Dyno-d My Motor . . so what is This ? ____________ ( Cough ) Warranty Watching !


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That is sure interesting. I wonder what would happen it they happened to be scrapped... i mean "Washed" off while cleaning up the engine bay.
I Take It Your Referring to the Color Dots ?

I have seen Mechanics use something like this - usually much Larger - Noting Their Fix or Repair - Trace to see anyone else has Touched it ..

It's Possible an Inspection During the Line , but 3 Inspectors or 3 Stages of Inspection all in the Same Area ?
It's Not like they are Dropping Chassis on to a Frame ,so a Frame is riding down Long Assembly Line ..with many Checks going on..

I Washed My Bay and the Dots are all Still There .. I Hit the Area on Purpose ..

I have also seen Heat Sensitive Paint Used on the ABS Brake Area's - back - when ABS was a Fairly New Item . .
I'll be Pulling the Part Off - Over the Winter - I'll Test It then ..to see and Report Back ..
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Just Up Date to this Temperature Inquiry , with the Firewall Seal Off for the Past Month - Normal Runs were well Controlled ..
Over Last 2 weeks with Temps Dropping , Really Loves 70 Degrees , but as the Temps got Down to 60 and Cooler at Night . It's Time to Place the Engine Bay Seal Back On .
I still have the Oil Filter ( Air ) Guide Off - which allows Larger Flow to be Pulled through the Bottom . Read ( Larger Opening )

I will Replace that Before Winter ..
For Sure Thou On Hot Days on Hot Roads in Mountains - 60 Mph to 85 Mph where it's working more then Average ~ Compared to Semi Flat Freeway Cruising - Serious Heat Control is Needed .
If You Don't have the Firewall Seal Removed in these Type Conditions , You better be Running 91-92-93 Best in Your State . Seal Removed - I'd still be Using 91 Min. in Very Hot Conditions ..

If You have a Tune , You better be getting IC & Mid Pipe at Least . . or Your Oil and It's Additive Packs going to Be all used up 5K even using 92 ..
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OK back from 1400 miles Trip and say the Cooler Temps - seem to have Cooled Oil Consumption , it Honda 2.0T is Finally Fully Seated ? ~ 4K on Motor Now . .
Seems to Love the 60 Degree Temps !

Around 40 Degrees Thou Engine is Burning more Fuel do to Coolant Stat being more Closed ..
Tire Pressure seems to be Largest Factor , Rolling Resistance second ( Tires & Lighter Wheels ) and Aero Dynamics next . .
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