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Mitsubishi (OEM for Civic Type R turbo) just announced a stage 2 turbo upgrade!

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Mitsubishi states this drops right in to the 2018-2021 Accords 2.0T’s as well!

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What of this .. vs the p600?
You might get significant better gains on a P600 since it’s built like an absolute tank. But these MHI turbos are built by the manufacturer that’s an OEM supplier to a lot of car manufacturers. So you get that reliability. I’d much rather go this route tbh, might also be cheaper.

Do note PRL detected transmission slip when pushing 420 ft/lb on a 10AT. They might be getting close to the limitation of that tranny, I could be wrong. But that will most likely apply with this turbo as well. It would be nice to see some numbers on a 10AT accord. We’ll just have to wait and see.
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