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More boost than normal?

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Hi all,
Typically speaking, the boost gauge in my 2019 2.0T 10AT hovers a little above 1.0 when in sport mode when under full acceleration. The other day when I was doing some "spirited driving", as they say, the boost gauge went all the way up to 1.5 which I had never seen before. I've also noticed that while before, the car would almost always shift at a little under 6000RPM even in manual mode. Now it seems to shift at around 6500 RPM or right before redline under full acceleration.

The car is 100% stock, no tune, no aftermarket parts. Are these things normal with extended use of the car? I've pretty much been babying the throttle and transmission after I saw those. Just wanted to get some opinions before I looked into giving the dealership a call.

Thank you!
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Elon Musk type of over the air software ECU update? ha J/K Hope you are able to figure it out!
As you drive spitiredly the ECU will compensate as the ic gets heat soaked and can adjust boost, timing ect accordingly. It also matters what gear you are in when you go full throttle. First, second and possibly third with a ten speed, you may not see full boost. But floor it in 4th and there you will peg the needle. I have never logged one of these cars so I can't say for certain what gear to use for a full load pull. As far as the shifting points the TCU is adaptive and learns your habits. You will notice this when say you lift the throttle early and the car will hang there for a moment anticipating you to start accelerating again based on previous habits. If there are no codes or anything just drive it and enjoy.
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