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Motor Mounts

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Not sure if this has been touched on in here and if it has can someone direct me to the discussion, but at what should I consider looking into motor mounts?
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The stock 1.5L Upper Engine Mount is composite with rubber bushings.

The 2.0L manuel trans mounts are aluminum.

Rod, Torque (Upper) Honda 50880-TVC-A21 Torque spec- 52 lb ft

Drivers report that the car accelerates smoother. Another Lunch time fix according to the Honda Jon youtube video.
Wow! Is the mount that flexible that people are not waiting 12 months 12000 miles?

At least it blends in with the other engine parts.

Vegas: There are many Honda estores that Honda dealer choose to have. You get about 1/3 off of msrp.

For example: CheaperHondaparts.com
On the hybrids especially you got Auto Stop. That engine is starting often them immediately forced to move the car. I have It in my insight. Tranny mount rubber failed first.
Does this Mount upgrade really smooth out the starts, and stop n goes for the 1.5? If it does I’m already feeling the upper mount tugging.
1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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