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Moved From German Cars - New to Honda - Please help with bolt ons

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A little back story - I had a C63 AMG, S4, and G37S. All were modified with bolt ons so I am familiar with the process. The first mod I make to any car I get is tires. No better performance upgrade for me then really good grippy tires. That being said ... I have NO clue on these cars and what may be the best way to go. Here is what I am thinking based on my research:

1. K&N Filter - the sound would be cool but I am hearing too many people talk about loss of power even though the sound is nice on a CAI with these. Not sure how you can lose power on a CAI but I guess it could happen.
2. Some kind of Downpipe - need recommendations on types - looking to just open the response a bit not looking for anything but better airflow.
3. Catback? Something not as loud as I like this to remain a sleeper so perhaps a thermal for a small boost over stock.
4. Tune - Hondata vs. XX - I will not tune until I have either a CAI/ Filter and downpipe OR the pair with a catback as well. I always had custom tunes done for my cars, flashes are nice but I like a more tailored fit since in my experience it is good.

I WANT TO STAY RELIABLE. I got a 2.0t to TRY and avoid the headaches of repair and money pits I had (minus the infinity that was solid). I have a 2018 certified pre-owned EX-L 2.0t with a little under 30k miles. I may hold off on a tune for now but looking to open the breathing up as much as possible while I do some cosmetic changes like wheels and trims and lip.

PLEASE let me know what you suggest for #1 and #2 and if you can agree with the order of these and where my head is at.

Also, regular or super gas in this car lol. I have read mixed reviews. I don't care about the added cost I really want this thing to last if possible. I take care of my cars and always have done super in them.
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I have no real world experience on your questions but will respond on what I have read and noticed from postings...

1. It has been reported that performance wise just going with/replacing the element to K&N versus going w/their performance intake has netted better results. It was reported that either the air entering the intake was more turbulent and possibly warmer w/the open performance intake.

2. PRL seems to be mentioned a lot as to what members are using/installing.

3. Borla makes a nice exhaust system for our Accord's. Magnaflow is another option.

4. Another tuner option would be KTuner.

Your order of upgrades seems to be on point. One thing I think I would do is do the downpipe, exhaust, tuner at one time and have it dyno tuned. Reason being that way only one dyno session would be needed if you prefer that over a canned tune.

Also, regular or super gas in this car lol. I have read mixed reviews. I don't care about the added cost I really want this thing to last if possible. I take care of my cars and always have done super in them.
On a stock Accord regular gas is the recommended blend/octane value from Honda.... however even in stock form it's personal preference. There is probably data out there that says it's a waste of money but IMO it's the owner of that vehicle's money and if they feel that the car runs better or want to use premium that's their decision. Now.... when you do get the performance upgrades and have it tuned both Hondata & KTuners will recommend you use premium fuel.
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1. I have the K&N intake and I love it, it could be possible you'll lose some power but in my case any gains/losses were negligible (I feel no difference in the pull). I do believe that with a custom tune it will help, plus the intake seemed to have given my engine a deeper rev tone and ofc turbo noises :) ~Wooshhhh.
2. I don't have a DP, but PRL and RV6 have nice ones. If I were to get one, I would go for a high flow catted one so there's no nasty exhaust smell.
3. Thermal is a good choice if you want to go slightly over OEM, if you wanna go a step further then take a look at functionwerk's exhaust (my personal favorite). Borla might be a little too loud if you're looking for a slight increase in sound.
4. Since you have the 2.0 I would go with Hondata in the case that you decide to use flexfuel. Get all your mods (intake, exhaust, intercooler, etc) on first before you get a custom tune.

From what I heard the 2.0s have a lot of potential and are pretty reliable, can't say the same if I pushed my 1.5 CVT though lol. Happy modding!
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