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In 2013 I bought a 2002 Accord 145K miles for $4K.
Tranny broke down October 2019

2019 - bought a TL 2005 185K miles for $2.5K
Brother in law crash the car April 2020 highways were empty cuz of the start of the pandemic "Guessing he floored the car and lost control"

July 2020 finance this new 2020 accord with 5 miles

The things I have done to it, was put tints all around

Front shield 20%
Everything else 5% "even the sunroof"

Looking to do the chrome delete in the future.

Today I was stop at the Holland Tunnel by Port Authority as i was passing the toll.

The STOP lasted less than 1 minute
Thank God for the Family Gold Card

Attached are a few Pic of the BlackMamba


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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