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My new 2021 Accord Sport 1.5T

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I purchased this car on 10/22/2021. I paid a premium for it due to availability and added dealer extras.

First impressions were: I love the color, seating is comfortable even for a big guy like me, sound system can be tweaked to be good enough for now, pick-up and acceleration are great for a 1.5-4 cylinder engine.

My only issue is getting into the car is a challenge as I tend to bump my knees on everything between the door and console.

This is my first Honda and so far I am sold on the brand due to quality and performance.

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Welcome... congrats on getting your Accord. You mention bumping your knees often I was wondering... how tall are you? I'm 6'2" and haven't experienced that issue.
Welcome to club! Same color as mine. Still Night Pearl looks unreal after a fresh detail in the sunlight!
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