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Need help deciding between 20mm and 22mm rear sway bar read here....

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Haven't seen any comparisons between the two bar sizes so here goes. I had the Progress 20.6 mm bar in my white car. Put the 22.2mm bar in the blue car yesterday. Where the smaller bar was still a bar improvement over stock, it still provided the rear a little movement. Not really so with the big bar, the rear just feels rock solid. Turn in is a little sharper and the turning radius is even shorter with the big bar. Car tracks where you point it even better and has reduced the understeer even more, making the car very neutral handling. Believe it or not the big bar is actually comfortable. Because the smaller bar would allow some movement over things like speed bumps, and still being stiffer than stock, it had a tendency to snap the car back to center more. In this case with the bigger bar, the rear end just stays planted, so no snapping back to center.

Both bars are def way better than stock so what one should I choose? As mentioned the small bar, (many companies make them including the CTR bar), is still a vast improvement over stock because of how they tuned the rear bars in these cars. If you plan on going with springs and others suspension mods, you may want to stick with the smaller bar. I have read of at least one person getting more oversteer than they liked using the big bar and coilovers, and used the strut bar to neutralize some of it. I personally hate understeer(most feel more comfortable with it) so I'd that's what you are looking for you may want look into it.
If you plan on doing just the rear bar, or only upgrade the bars (ie strut, rsb, fsb, ect) I would stick with the bigger bar. Either one is awesome
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@Vegashybrid thanks for starting this thread. Who else makes a high quality rear sway bar for the Accord? Thanks.
@Vegashybrid Do you think that the higher setting on the Eibach sway bar is too stiff for street use? Also, from the pictures that I've seen, the Whiteline bar is also adjustable, is that incorrect? Thanks.

They are all pretty solid even the chinese ones. Its a fairly straight forward design and nowadays automated cnc press and welders are amazingly good. Eibach makes one, but unless you need adjustable no need for it. Whiteline always makes an outstanding product.
@Vegashybrid , thank you for the great information. I have it narrowed down to the 22mm Progress bar or the 22mm Whiteline bar. Can you confirm that the Whiteline bar is of solid construction? I couldn't find that info on their website, at least for the 22mm bar.

It also appears as the Progress bar has lateral locks built-in and for the Whiteline bar they are an added expense.

If you don't mind, from where did you buy your Progress RSB?

I will be pairing the RSB I finally choose with a DC Sports strut tower bar.

Thanks again for your info and starting this thread.

That somewhat depends on your other suspension mods. Don't remember if the WL is adjustable. Only bar I feel is overkill, unless your upgrading the fsb at the same time, is the bigger 25mm WL. I feel that bar by itself could cause issues for some drivers in the oversteer dept.
@Vegashybrid In my research, I have discovered that the Whiteline bar with the lateral locks is approximately $20 less than the Progress bar. The Progress bas has 20 lb/in greater spring rate than the Whiteline bar.

is the quality and greater spring rate of the Progress bar worth the extra $20? Or is is just splitting hairs at this point? Thanks.
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