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Doesn’t matter too much to me! My buddy said a catback or acelback would help with the exhaust I think... right? I’m thinking to start small with just an intake and maybe a catback. Like I mentioned I necessarily don’t want it to sounds like a racing car or anything haha just want it to sound a bit better than the stock
Axle-back will not net you barely any gains and a cat-back will probably get something but barely noticeable in gains. It is mostly just for "sound" if that is your intended goal. And a intake will probably give you the most 10-12whp if possible with a tune.

Right now there isn't anything out for the 10th gen accord as in performance parts on the shelves yet. You can alternatively just get a custom made exhaust and even an X-intake at a local shop. Only thing I see available right now are D2 adjustable coilovers on CarID.
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