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Need help!

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Just bought the 2018 sport 2.0, I love the car. Went from the 2015 lx to this and am beyond happy with the upgrade. Anyway I do not know much about cars or adding anything to them. I am wondering about what I can do to hear some more power in the car and maybe add a little bit in the process. Some of my buddies have so starting off with a cold air intake and/or a catback or axelbck. I don’t want the car to sound too crazy. Just enough to make it sound a little more slick than stock. Any help works I’m just not that knowledgeable on cars which I regret haha, never too late to start! -thanks in advance
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Both an aftermarket intake and exhaust will definitely give you some improvements to performance. You don't necessarily need to go with a cold air intake, as similar results can be found with a short ram. If you're looking for a more unique sound you could always go with a blow off valve over an exhaust and then you wont have to worry about drone.
The only problem with an underhood intake (i.e. short ram) is that unless it is enclosed in some sort of box with a snorkel to fresh air, you are actually hurting performance. Especially since the turbo sits right in front of the motor right next to the filter box. If you look at IATs (Intake Air Temps) in a car with an under hood intake you'll see temps north of 130 degrees or even higher in sitting traffic.

Be careful with what you do to the car.
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