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Good to meet yall. I just purchase a Sonic Grey ‘22 Touring for daily use and am looking forward to learning from the Accord community as I familiarize myself with this platform.

As for me, I’m a car nut. I buy and sell too many of them (at last count 6 over the last two years). I’m hoping this car which is meant to be my comfortable daily stays in the fleet for a good long while, and is the reason I bought it instead of another German car, which are the majority of what I own.

My fun/track car is a 2020 M2cs (manual trans). Recent cars were two Golf R’s, two F90 M5 comp’s, and an F80 M3. Yeah, I’m infected.

Anyway, hope to talk to many of you soon. I’m including a photo of the two cars after the recent delivery of the Accord.


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