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New 10th gen 2.0t from Michigan

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So sometime last year I picked up an 18 #hondaaccordsport. Absolutely love it for the most part but at the price point it is, there are a few complaints I have.

No washer fluid sensor that says hey you're low, fill it up. It just quits.
The heater/AC blower motor is absolutely garbage. Wind screen stays frozen over half way up most of the time to work (25 min on the high way) and in the summer takes forever to cool down.
Wiper spray pattern is terrible, to localized. You have to use an excessive amount of fluid to clean the entire window.
The stereo is lacking any sort of quality sound. My wifes Durango has a bangin stereo with overall good quality sound. That is the same price point as mine.

Yes first world problems i get it. But at the price point this is it shouldn't have those. They're minor overall but frustrating as ****. The first three especially drive me bonkers. Never had these types of issues with my CRV.

Plans are PRL intake, ksport tune, borla cat back exhaust (almost public) eibach spacers and drop springs and that's it.
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