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Got this baby about a month ago and man I couldn't be more stoked on my decision! I had a pretty decent range of options with a budget of 22k-28k I was tempted by the clout devil to get something more glamorous like an overpriced, high-mileage 4 series that would've cost more over time or some used benz I would've regretted instantly but damn Honda surprised me with this one. People are probably going to be like "You could've got something way faster with that budget" blah blah but honestly I'm not a huggee car guy I just wanted something sleek and reliable that I can later add some more power to in the future without an issue.
Anyways, aside from the boring **** I've only done some simple exterior mods to pretty her up but don't plan on anything major until I hit 35k (when the factory warranty runs out) or even later but that gives me plenty of time to plan and think of a build that works for me so I'd love some suggestions on performance mods that work for yall and love like tuners, exhaust systems, intakes, and all that good stuff so lmk!
Here she is with 5% ceramic tint, full chrome delete besides emblems, powder-coated wheels, and front lip splitter. Waiting on the black plates and deciding on a spoiler atm and more to come! Thanks guys and looking forward to updating yall
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