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Hello all! Super excited to be here.

Cali native here. Got my 1st 2003 Honda Civic in 2004, still drive and luv my civic but It was about time to upgrade. So far I love everything about this car!! I have been adding small safety mods such as tinted windows, rear-lights and reflectors; carbon fiber door handles/bumper lip and mud flaps. I was a bit disappointment in the sound quality of the factory audio system but alas, I take this as a challenge and will be upgrading my current system sooner rather then later, professionally of course cause I don't want to mess anything up:p Can't wait to dive in the forums on this site for information and ideas! Please feel free to add your constructive criticism and any ideas for upgrades/mods is greatly appreciated.

My 2020 Honda Accord Hybrid EX 2.0L

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