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New FlashPro (Accord 2.0T Auto)

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Purchased (w/receipt) March 22 for my new Touring model. With shipping it was $720, NEVER used still in box with Hondata license plate frame and Hondata decals. $600+shipping.
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Why have you decided to sell it? Don't want to take any risks with the factory warranty?
I visited Handata in CA while on a business trip last month and bought the FlashPro on impulse.I purchased the extended warranty on the Accord 2.0T as well on 2/15. Decided not to have concerns over factory warranty. If you aren't concerned, this is a great deal-brand new in the box with receipt and latest software & never used. My car has 2,200 miles and I've already had to replace 1 Michelin and a cast aluminum wheel total $600 after hitting a Pot hole!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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