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Well I just picked up my 18 Sport 1.5 a couple days ago and I'm quite happy so far. I'm amazed at how good the Sport models look and how many features there are based on the price. It's a far cry from my wifes 2012 Accord LX-P :wink: I'm coming from a 2013 Civic Si which I will miss but after 5 years of mostly in town driving I was over the manual. My wife and I were really not planning on buying a car but I took my car in for service and as we went to pick it up this caught my eye. My wife isn't in to cars but even she noticed how good it looked and the big discount they were offering as they had 19's on the lot and were trying to dump their 18's. I will post full details in the price paid thread but we were at $24,500 OTD which I didn't feel was too bad.

ANYWAY! I've been playing catch up on this forum which is a great source of info so far. I really don't plan on modding this car much even though the results on the 1.5 & 2.0 with Hondata/K-Tuner are so cool! Perhaps once I'm out of warranty but I'll have a hard time convincing my wife before then, lol. Window tint and all weather floor mats are happening soon, other than that I'm just going to enjoy it as is for the time being and lurk here on the forums.


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