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New Member: Accord Hybrid Touring 2019

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Came from a Mercedes 2011 E-350 Bluetec Diesel. Great car when it wasn't costing me $1000 every month to keep it on the road. The day before Carvana was to come pick it up, the water pump went, cost me $1200 just to say goodbye.

Hoping this car will be reliable and long lasting.

White with black interior, btw. I'm in Connecticut
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I feel bad, no one has replied, so here is a reply.
Hello there fellow hybrid owner.
Welcome to the forum. Post a photo when you get a chance. Are you planning to modify anything?
Welcome to the forum glad to have you join us... like @LDB415 said post some pics and take us along w/any mods you do to your car.
Um thanks....

I went to drive accord dot net instead, because there was nothing but crickets here.
There is not as much activity here as in some other forums... but the information given is always good. Most of what I am interested in concerns the Hybrid model, and all of the forums are sort of short on hybrid info. I assume mostly because fewer hybrids are sold.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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