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Hello Everyone, My Name Is Drew And I started With The Honda Family With A 2016 Honda Accord Sport (Automatic) Modern Steel Metallic I loved That Car So Much Unfortunately Lost It Due To Vandalism. Had to Get Something New Again And I Came Across This 2018 Accord Sport (Manual) 1.5T And Fell In Love With It. I Did A Few Mods Tinted All Windows Including Windshield. Its All Blacked Out Except The Badging LOL. Me & My Friend Came Up With A Car Club Name And It's Called Turbskees_CC And I Added A Decal To My Rear Window. I Wanted To Hear From Every Other Accord Owners Thoughts Of Other Mods I Should Due To My Accord. Thanks In Advance.
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Welcome to the forum Drew and congrats on the Accord! Aftermarket support on the Accord is definitely still a little limited, but if you're looking for some performance mods, the Hondata tune is worth considering. There is also a member on here who's made a custom attachment for a short ram intake. Share a pic when you get the chance.
Thanks Scotty I'm loving this car day by day and I didn't have stick shift experience when I got the car but now I got the hang of it pretty awesome. Yeah I was thinking more performance. Where could I find the Hondata tune? And what short ram intake should I look into is there any good brand I should go after?
You just need to order a Flashpro from their website. Though its worth mentioning that you're always going to be taking a risk with your factory warranty with an aftermarket tune. Honda has shown to be pretty understand of aftermarket mods however. I've never had any issues with K&N products, and they have proven themselves to be very reliable.
I have a question about the Flashpro i didn't see one for my 2018 Accord Sport 1.5T there was a 2.0T Flashpro I'm wondering if that matters? I will definitely look into K&N intakes & I live in California and yeah i heard if i put any aftermarket parts on it will void my factory warranty but incase i need to bring the car back for service i will put everything back to normal.
Perhaps they haven't done a tune yet for the 1.5 model, but I'm sure its in development. They probably went with what they figured would be the most popular tuning model to start. And Honda will have to prove your aftermarket parts are the source of a problem to deny any warranty claims.
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