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Will you buy one of these?


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Check it out, PRL dropped a new version of their High Volume Intake

Although these provide marginal benefit at most, I think it looks aesthetically pleasing

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I'd buy it if they offer the option for just the airbox. I'd imagine quite a few people already own the V1, and the only difference is the airbox.
Not exactly true. I installed the v2 Thursday evening last week and the silicon tube is just long enough to be able to clamp to the Ti inlet pipe and the new airbox, but doesn't sit nearly as deep on both the inlet pipe and MAF housing. It works, but keeping my order placed for the new silicon tube that is supposed to be released end of May. I didn't compare the v1 stock silicon tube to the v2 silicon tube, but I would have to assume it is slightly longer on the v2. The MAF housing of course is the same between both. From a logistics perspective I understand why they sell it as a whole unit versus piecemeal. I could try to sell my v1 for pennies on the $, but if the v2 was sold piecemeal, wouldn't really be able to sell it as a working unit without the MAF housing. The MAF housing is the most expensive part of the intake.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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