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Just installed my new sound system went with kicker components in the door and rear deck a 600 watt kicker 5 channel and a 8 inch kicker sub in the trunk in small enclosure. Speakers were purchased from Crutchfield and came with all the adapters for speaker and door so the aftermarkets fit like they were stock. Kicker wires everywhere i did not run new wire but i tapped into the harness because my adapter that i received didn’t fit the radio unfortunately so i had to cut up my factory harness but it’s not hard to revert back to original. I ran 9 wire from the harness to the amplifier to power the speakers so the output is greater then just the factory radio powering my new after market speakers. The 8 inch sub knocks enough to make the system sound great. I also sound dampened everything along with foam rings for the mids. Also the factory tweeter location fit the speaker but i ended up cutting and epoxying the tweeter in and it sounds amazing. I will post pictures later. I also used an NVX 4 channel Line output converter. All together i spent $240 on my speakers for front and rear. $189.99 for my amp got a really good deal on that at a local shop.$ 60 bucks for my sub and all the extras heat shrink Tessa tape and all the installation products i probably spent altogether $570-700 bucks i gotta completely break down the whole build but it is way better then adding that alpine upgrade for $750 you get a customizable system that sounds freaking awesome.
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