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New to here, with a new 2021 Hybrid. Does anyone dump these and throw on baller wheels??

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Hey all,

So I'm brand new here, I just got a brand new 2021 EX-L Hybrid in crystal pearl black. and I'm coming from a VIP Lexus LS430 and so used to and loving the static low life with 3 piece wheels, I've been trying to find any builds of the Hybrid Accord and I can't find anything! I was lost and wondering if lowering, modding, and doing the all unnecessary to a HYBRID is such a backward thing to do lol. As right now i'm just trying to lower the car, was either thinking about coil-overs or lowering springs. If someone pointed me in the right direction that'd be great! And if anyone knows how much MPG id be losing if i ran on bigger wheels lol
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Going from stock 17 to stock 19 that are on the touring is about an eighth mpg penalty. So yes with any car bigger wheels and tires comes with a mpg penalty. Its one of the reasons I wanted an EXL not a touring. I went with a wider lighter 17 in wheel but I kept my stocks for traveling. Welcome and enjoy.
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