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New to me 2018 accord touring 10at 2.0t

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A few of you may know me from other forums. I've been around for a while, just sold my third GTR and DD GS-F and went with the accord for now. I look forward to growing w/this community and getting my hands dirty. I'll be looking into a "big turbo" upgrade as soon as I get some time away from the new home renovations and babies.
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Welcome to the forum... glad to have you join us.
Just saying High and , see My Home Renovations by Googling ~ Lawrence's English Garden ~ Etowah - click on Projects - only small portion of 14 Projects
on 2 Story Brick . . many years experience at Both Types ( Homes & Mods )
Yes, I made the 88" x 54" Island Top 2.375 Thick - Rock Maple & 90" x 44 wide Door for Ourselves , the Gates We pack up as Kits
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