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Hi 馃憢 Everyone. My name is Michael. We live in Gardena, CA 90247. I'm currently semi retired, thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic. I just turned 61. And, we currently have the 2019 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring, in Lunar Silver. We only drive the car, about 12-15 miles per day, IF THAT. With the OCCASIONAL road trip to the local Casino's about 1 to 2 hour's away. We already had to replace the 12-volt battery back in November 2020. Dealer replaced the battery, because it was still under warranty. Dealer fixed the recent recall notice on 12/10/2020:

Recall: 2018-20 Multi-Model BCM Program SW Update Noncompliance Recall.

Other than that, we have about 22,000 miles on her.
But, I was wondering about getting an EXTENDED WARRANTY. Are some better than other's? What kind of pricing should I be expecting? Why does HONDALINK CHARGE for it's service? If I have any more questions, I'll be sure to post my concern's.

Thank You Folk's.
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Welcome to the forum glad to have you with us!!!

Regarding extended warranties... shop around... see what your dealer offers and then research for other options... remember they are negotiable. Pricing will be dependent on options you want, also location may impact cost(s). HondaLink like most services of that nature charge... think On Star, etc... they are optional services that you either want (and pay for) or don't.
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