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noise (like clock ticking) near speedometer when car is accelerated from 0 to 20 mph

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i have 2020 accord 1.5 . 3k miles and 5 months old.From day 1 i have noticed that:

1) when i accelerate the car (normally and very gently accelerate) , noise(low pitch) , like clock ticking or like plastic gears moving. comes out of the area where speedometer/tachometer is when the car reaches 20mph. After 20mph, the noise goes away

i am wondering as the tachometer is digital what is this noise and where does it come from and what does it mean.
the noise is like when plastic gears start to move and make tick tick sound

i am confused
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I’m confused why you would rather ask a forum full of strangers on an issue your dealer and Honda will look into under warranty? I get it if they said it’s normal and you want to double check, but your essentially brand new car has a possible issue and you’d rather trust a bunch of people who put crappy mods on their car and brag about beating people in street races?
A little common sense goes a long ways. This isn't his problem to fix. Nor should he even try it at this point.
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