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Noises when making a turn

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Whenever I’m driving and take a full turn my car makes a weird noise. It’s not a super loud noise but I can definitely hear it. It’s more like a clicking noise. Not sure what it is, my car only has 9000 miles. Maybe it’s normal for Honda accords?
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I have this issue on my 2018 as well. Along with this, my car also squeeks/creeks when going over bumps. It sounds like an old rusty car, but it has less than 8k miles on it. I'm taking it into the dealer this Friday.
Just providing an update: turns out my car needs a new left strut. Part is on order but I have to wait two weeks to have it installed.

I'm kind of surprised that on a car with ~8k miles on it, I've already had the transmission replaced and now need a new strut. Didn't expect that from a Honda, but hey at least it's all under warranty.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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