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The brakes are still "grinding" and making a lot of noise on my 2019 Sport 2.0 when I brake normally and when I come to a stop there is a grrrr-clunk sound like the caliper is getting stuck or a ball joint is moving and rubbing against metal. It's a metal-metal sound. Now some new cars I have bought did have slightly noisy brakes but that went away after some driving like 50-100 miles or when the pads are bedded and the calipers are broken in. I now have almost 300 miles on the car but the noise is getting worse, especially when I come to a stop I feel people can hear me 50 yards away - kah-dung-clunk! This is the worse I 've had it with new brakes in the 25 new cars I have bought since the mid-80's.

Did you guys have this grinding and clunking sound from your brakes and did it go away or did you have to bring it to the dealer? I will give it another 100-200 miles and then I will take it in, but I don't think it's going to get any better. It almost doesn't sound like the brakes, but a suspension arm or tie rod that connects to the wheel hub and has a bad joint when coming to a stop - because I 've had those go bad on other cars and sounds similar, but it's a bit noisy during normal braking when I slow down (different noise though), so I hope I am wrong, and it's just the brakes or the calipers are breaking-in and are noisy. A 2018 Sport .20 I test drove before buying my 2019 did not have any of these brake noises. So at least I have that comparison to go by.

Thanks in advance,
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