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1954 ~ 1 Ton - Dual Truck with Lift Option & 19.5" Wheels & Bigger Brakes
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Hey Is there a Sticky on Here for All Good Information to be Stored ? My the Administrator should be Maintaining One !
This Honda Feed Back Loop - could be all Posted over on Face Book & Twitter - even Faster !

I Thought They wanted the Truth . .

Here's the bulb sizes for the Accord Sport if you need them and I assume they all use the same bulb size. Not one to change bulbs because I don't want to deal with load resistors and wiring, but I heard someone was happy with Corsomotion

Backup....4014- T10
Rear turn....7440- T20
High beam...HB3- 9005
Map, Overhead, trunk...194- T10
Vanity...Festoon 28-29mm
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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