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Now 359 on the wheel what can i do to push to 400

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Now im at 93 otc gas is there anyway I can push to 400 with out run on E30? I see the most car that have 400+ have e30-e60 online I know that accord don't get much love XD but is there anyway or some one has been done doing 400 with out run on E?
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yes don't have meth kit don't know what one is good
Devils own and Snow are good place to start.

Not without an aftermarket high pressure fuel pump, or a port injection kit - there's just not enough fueling to throw any more boost at.

Hondata offers a kit for the Type-R, but it didn't sound like they wanted to bother with the Accord as their replies were very cagey

(I'm in the same camp with the MHI II)
Incorrect and you will still see some nice gains without a race tune and a wm kit in a forced induction vehicle. You don't need more boost to create more power. There are several tuner's that will help with a custom file for maximum gains.
Okie dokie. I'm already tuned by arguably the most knowledgeable tuner for these cars (drob @ IMW), so I'm pretty sure I can trust him when he says that the fuel pump is maxed out.
None of that has anything to do with the water meth kit or getting more gains from it. You don't need more fuel for a water meth kit quite the opposite actually. The water meth kit in itself is providing more fuel, raising the octane up, and significantly dropping iats. I never said anything about the fuel pump being maxed out or not. I don't think you understand what a water meth kit does.
Sigh. The OP's question:

The answer: no. Not without a better fuel pump. Meth is probably not going to be enough to hit his desired figure.
Double sigh facepalm! Please just stop. It's very obvious you have no idea what you're talking about. You could very easily gain 40 to 60 horsepower at the wheels with a water meth kit. So again the answer is yes it's very possible you could hit that number with a water meth kit and a properly tuned file. You have no experience tuning vehicles like this with a water meth kit, I have years of it and numerous vehicles installed on. You very obviously don't know how they work otherwise you wouldn't have mentioned the fuel pump being maxed out. it's also obvious you don't know much about tuning either because you keep saying the pump is maxed out and that is not the only way to make power.. lowering the iat alone give significant gains. Having 104 octane let's you advance timing further from less detonation ect..Please just stop.

To OP I suggest contacting @diiz on here he has on installed and is being tuned. Contact me through PM if you want more help I'm done with this thread.

Thank goodness.
Maybe a rant doesn't mean it's not true. You have absolutely zero experience with this so just butt out your contributing absolutely nothing to the conversation. Don't understand why people nowadays feel the need to be a keyboard warrior and add their two cents when they have zero experience on the matter or knowledge on the topic. Absolutely hysterical
Additional comments proving you have absolutely nothing of benefit to add to The community so is forced to resort to personal attacks. For lack of anything better to say. 🤣
This you?

Or this?

Too bad your own post history makes you look like a hypocrite.
Since you like to think you know it all answers this: what happens to the amount of fuel needed when quality of fuel increases an intake temperatures drop dramatically? Please tell us how many wm kits you have installed and tuned in your life where you can speak from experience on the matter? It's okay I know you don't know the answer because you keep posting the same ignorant thing. If you did know the answer to that you would understand how and why a water meth kit would make more power in this instance. You're continued posts prove you have no idea what you're talking about yet you keep going. I understand this is election time, but taking out of context posts from previous conversations proves nothing to your point. Just makes you look more desperate lol. You keep digging yourself into a deeper hole but are too uninformed, and trying to act like you know what you are talking About to care. You've stuck to your guns this far might as well keep playing it out at this point. Heaven forbid you admit that though. Sad because you could actually learn something and have your car faster if you wanted but wtv 😅
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