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Oil change

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Just had my 1st oil change at 2500 miles. I have a '19 accord 1.5t automatic. All stock.Took it easy in city and interstate. I'm going with amsoil xl 0w20 and amsoil filter. I chose this oil because of its low oil evap and protection properties. I drive 35 miles a day 5 days a week.
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What type of oil (synthetic or regular) is given from factory on new Accord 19? Is it needed to change oil after I hit the first 3000 miles? Thanks
Your car came w/Honda Synthetic Oil (see attachments). As for time to change the oil go by the Maintenance Minder on when to change it.


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Thanks. Genuine Honda Motor oil is then synthetic oil? I thought Synthetic Oil is good upto 7000 miles. My MaintenanceI Minder came on at 3k, is it because I hit over a year? Thanks
Yes, Honda oil is "full synthetic" ( as indicated on the container). Your Maintenance Minder goes by a combination of several things... mileage, time, driving habits, driving conditions, etc... also annual oil changes are recommended. I don't put a lot of miles on my car (currently 8k & it will be 3 yrs old in March) and my MM has indicated oil change needed about every 12 months (have had 2 already & it's showing 30% now).
Thanks a lot. This is good to know. Not driving this vehicle, if this oil change is not absolutely necessary I will delay my visit to dealership until the infection rate improves a bit. Before holiday starts, they get more traffic.
You didn't mention what your MM % is but I wouldn't go past 0% (I have mine done @ 10% minimum if not sooner).
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